How do I get more information about the program?

Please sign up to our weekly newsletter:
Visit our website page:…. or LIKE our Facebook page:

If you have specific questions, please contact Tim, the Pathway Manager on 0437 602 346 or

How much does it cost to participate?

Triathlon NT is committed to providing the program at no cost to the participant so no one in the community is disadvantaged by a financial barrier.

However, some of the sessions may require a small fee required by the Venue. These sessions will be identified in the weekly newsletter and on the Facebook events.

We do recommend signing up to the $10 membership, as this is the personal accident insurance for your child. However, this is not compulsory.

How old does my child need to be to participate?

Mov3 Program

  • Older than 4 years old for junior sessions, and older than 10 years for senior sessions
  • Junior session attendees must have an accompanying adult

Academy Program
Kids 12+, however, attendance to the Academy sessions requires a brief from the Pathway Manager, Tim Ellison, prior to attending 0437 602 346.

How do I register for a session?

For the Mov3 Program, you can just show up on the day. We do recommend you arrive a little earlier the first time so you can meet the instructor and we can get some contact details from you.

Attendance at the Academy Sessions requires a brief from the Pathway Manager, Tim Ellison, prior to starting. Contact Tim before the session: 0437 602 346

If you have any questions about the sessions, contact Tim on the above number or email him:

When does the Mov3 & Academy Program Run?

The Mov3 and Academy Programs run in 8 week blocks and there are four terms over the year.

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